Hello, welcome to my website !

My name is Vendy and I have kennel of Russkiy toys Chulli Bohemia. I live in a vilage near Pilsen (Plzeņ) 100 km from Prag.

I have 4 females at home now, 1 female at my mother's and 1 male, that is at my daughter's boyfriend. (I'm the co-owner.)

My first dog Chulli is in Heaven now, but I'll never forget him! My female Axana is 13 old, Kikina is 9, Honeymoon is 3,5 and last female Madelaine is still a puppy.

Males and females of my kennel are running in other Europien countries - France, Sweden, Germany, Sweiz, the Slovak republic and of course in the Czech republic as well. All my puppies have always been healthy, full-teeth with lovely and friendly nature. Health and character is a priority for me. This is more important than a face.